Ingrid Ivorra, the 21 year-old French music phenomenon,
began her journey in her crib when she started singing to the nursery rhymes that her mother played for her.

At 5 years old, she studied music theory, violin and ballet where she fell in love with, and began to master on a cellular level, the creative process. As a daring teenage adventurer, Ingrid lived in Australia, Los Angeles and New York City, which gave her a wealth of paradigm shattering, emotional experiences that inspired her to write her heartfelt, explosive and courageous music. Her travels enabled her to surpass traditional borders and understand the human experience at its very core.

In December 2015, Ingrid released her first EP “Lost To Be Found”, a 6-track album which she wrote and arranged almost exclusively on her own. The songs which mix her French roots, pop-folk flow and world citizenship have been described by critics as “game-changing”, “brilliant”, and “subtle and sublime.” One critic praised it as “the break-out album of the year”.  It is both poetic and radiant, delivered by her powerful and soft voice, that will take listeners into a romantic and melancholic journey.

The album encapsulates the restlessness, heartache and longing of the young adult experience. Ingrid sought to give a voice to a generation of people who have everything at their fingertips but without proper guidance to find their way. An age where life is supposed to have everything for you but without an instruction manual to get you there.

Let yourself be taken into Ingrid’s world, and find yourself instantly revitalized.